Feature Writing

A Features Writer is responsible for cover stories and feature articles as assigned, including interviews, mug shots, group photographs and associated artwork such as tables, graphs, graphics and all other items as applicable. All content must be source-checked and approved client management.

• Set appointments with interviewees, either in person or by telephone.
• If required, email suggested talking points to interviewee in advance of appointment.
• Conduct interviews using a digital recorder.
• Send article to interviewee for source check. Ask interviewee to make appropriate corrections and edits as needed and return the document to the writer within three business days, if possible.
• Incorporate changes, where appropriate, into article.
• Request a mug-shot photo from the interviewee, in full color, head and shoulders, or larger, in a file size of at least 1 megabyte. If no current photo exists, make arrangements to take photos for selection by interviewee or Phillips 66 managers, or both.
• Obtain or create artwork to accompany article.
• Complete the article and submit to the Editor with all artwork and text, including title, author name, deck, pull quotes, photos, photo captions and graphics.


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